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Renaldy J. Gutierrez to head the Inter-American Bar Association Mission of Observers to the general elections in Honduras.

The Inter-American Bar Association (IABA), from Washington D.C accepted the inviation from the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal and from the Honduran Bar Assocation to appoint a Mission of Observers to the November 29 general elections in Honduras. Founded in 1940 the IABA is committed to the promotion and defense of the rule of law in the Western Hemisphere as the foundation of a just and free society.
The IABA Mission of Observers to Honduras will be presided by Renaldy J. Gutierrez, of Gutierrez & Associates and a fromer President of the IABA (2007-2008). The Mission is comprised of twenty delegates which include the President of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, the President of Costa Rican Bar Association, and attorneys from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico and The United States, all Council Members of the IABA.

The IABA is a member of the Organization of American States Civil Society.

Renaldy J. Gurierrez's Key Note Speaker remarks at Duquesne University Symposium on the "Separation of Power in the Americas... And Beyond" published in Duquesne Law Review.

The most recent volume of Duquesne Universiy Law Review (Volume 47. Number 4, Fall 2009) carries an article written by Renaldy J. Gutierrez, entitled "Democracy and the Rule of Law: Myth or Reality", which was delivered as his remarks at las year's Symposium on the "Separation of Powers in the Americas... And Beyond" held at Duquesne University School of Law, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Based on the notions of democracy and the rule of law in his article Mr. Gutierrez explores a political phenomenon that is taking hold in certain countries, which he calls "formal democracy". This new phenomenon is exemplified in Mr. Gutierrez article with an in-depth analysis of the constitutional crises in Nicaragua of 2005.

In Mr. Gutierrez article formal democracy exists where the rule of law is manipulated to subvert democracy or where the latter is used to destroy the rule of law. But, as Mr. Gutierrez contends in this article, "that one (democracy and rule of law) cannot exist, at least for long, without the other".


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